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Sponsorship projects

Welcome to the Orange sponsoring tool.

Thank you for considering us for your sponsoring request.

We receive many requests for sponsoring every day and we want to handle them as efficiently as possible.

So fill out the form accurately and send us as many details as possible so that we can get a good idea of your event and what you expect from us exactly.

You can always save your application and complete it at a later date.

Before submitting your form, check it one more time carefully, because once your request is sent, it is final and you can no longer change anything.

Currently, we only accept applications for events in the following categories:

  • Musical events
  • Sports events
  • Artistic events
  • Family events
  • Student events
  • Events for SMEs
  • CSR and social events

We don’t accept applications of an individual or personal nature, or which belong to the private domain.

We’ll try to handle your request as soon as possible and to give an answer within 3 weeks.


Best regards,

The Orange team